Dave Rogers is a 40 Year Sold-Out, Born-Again, Torah-Observant Disciple of Jesus (Y'shua), and also a 35+ year veteran computer tech.  Dave has worked in ministry work for over 35 years including areas like non-profit ministry consulting, Christian TV and Radio, and Pro-Life and Pro-Family Grassroots Work. Now retired, he is able to focus full-time in the Hebrew Roots Movement.

My background is in technology. Yes, I grew up a computer geek who learned I could make money at it.  For over 35 years I've done all types of technology related work from tech support, computer repair, network and servers, to websites, to computer forensics. SO, I naturally have technology talents and easily express myself through websites and technology.  So now that I am retired, I have the time and am looking to expand and enhance the work.  Your support and prayers and financial gifts are much needed and desired including your feedback, comments and emails.

Love God With Passion!


Personal Summary

Over the years, I have never received a salary for ministry work.  I have always worked and gave as much time as I can in ministry work, so in doing so I have always lived a very simple life financially.  More often than not, I have paid most of the ministry bills myself and thus have been somewhat limited in what I can do. Today, although technically retired, I am never retired from Kingdom work. On the positive side, I am now fortunate to have more time to commit to study of Scripture and in God's calling in my life: Torah Evangelism (the Messiah being the living Torah).

When I was 17, I totally sold-out my entire life to Jesus (Y'shua).  I had made my life's goal to get as much of God as I can - sacrificing whatever it cost to understand God without the interference of the world or religion.  Noticeable by all who know me, I've always been the radial, all or nothing, disciple that walked in a way that was distinctly different than the crowd.  I've been working in ministry for over 35 years and grew up in church ministry since the age of 4 so I've seen and been a part of a lot over the years.  I've started my path of Torah observance as a Disciple of Y'shua (Jesus) in the year 2000.  My life and passion has been all about the work of the Kingdom because I'm totally in love with the King.  😉

I've worked in Christian Radio off and on for 20 years. I was a Southern Baptist minister to Youth and College Campus minister. I've worked in Biblical Archaeology, co-founding the Split Rock Research Foundation, also been a small business consultant and a non-profit ministry consultant, helping others start their own ministries.  I worked over 20 years in Pro-Family and Pro-Life work  (see below).

Since 2008, God has been specifically been preparing me for the work of what I call "Torah Evangelism."  It is a "calling" to reach the Churched Community with the true Gospel of restoration to the Way: Messiah and Torah.

Old Ministry Photos

Baptist Missions Work in Houston

Dave with Jim and Penny Caldwell
Split Rock Research Foundation

Dave with the Roods and the Caldwells

Tim Mahoney filming for Patterns of Evidence
(Dave's in the background)

Dave with Lennart Möller,
author of The Exodus Case

Dave & Kelly TV Show (1985)

Christian Music Video Show

(photo right) Kelly & Dave - 30 Years later

Pro-Family & Pro-Life Work

While I still work from time-to-time in these areas, I got started in the 1990s. From the early 1990s to 2011, I was president of the Gulf Coast American Family Association, the largest and most active local affiliate of the American Family Association. We were a Pro-Life, Pro-Family grassroots activist organization that also led projects on the national level. [view old website]

Old Videos from the 1990s