current Projects (2017-)

 — What is the Hebrew Roots Movement?

Website is for both those curious about Hebrew Roots and those who are already in it.  A first stop to Hebrew Roots Resources and Information.  Includes Video Testimonials, Directory of Fellowships and Ministries, Bible Study Resources and Topical Teaching Videos.

Hebrewroots.LIFE (wINTER 2023-2024)

 — Hebrew Roots Lifestyle Website

Self-Sufficient Living, Disaster Preparedness, Backyard Homesteading, Gardening, Health & Diet, plus much more...

Contemporary, Praise & Worship, Quite Time, Sabbath Day, and Holy Days.

TORAH KIDS TV (future)
Online TV forages 3-11 – music, scriptures, animations, puppets, and simple teachings

Online TV forages 11-19 – music, teachings, and scriptures. (2010-)

 — Biblical Exodus and Mount Sinai

Features evidence associated with the Biblical Exodus and Real Mount Sinai (Jabal al-Lawz) in North-West Saudi Arabia, 80 miles or 130km east of the traditional site in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

[ about Dave Rogers' work in the Exodus research ]

CURRENTLY RE-WORKING [preview old site] (2016-)

Dave Rogers' Discipleship Journal

An Online Discipleship Journal of a 40 Year Sold-Out Disciple of Y'shua (Jesus).  Articles, Notes, and Featured Studies.  

also & (2018-)

Y'shua (Jesus) is the Aleph & Tav
(the Beginning and the End)

Exploring the deity and majesty of the Messiah in the Old Testament. Active but still in development.

Pro-Life Projects (2006-) 
The Key to Ending Legalized Abortion in the U.S.A. (2004-)
Organization behind revolutionary research and strategies to Ending Legalized Abortion once and for all. (FUTURE) (future)

Social Media Campaign and Educational website on who the Body of Messiah really is: Israel.

also  & (future)

Discipleship Book Series & Website

Highlighting key principles of discipleship.

Unlisted Projects & Partnerships

There are a number of projects we work on that we do not list publicly for a variety of reasons.  We may not need to announce it, it may be an anonymous project, or it may be done as a partnership project with another individual or ministry. Our goals are to build to up the Kingdom, not get glory for ourselves.

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